Tigery Language School :
Learn French in a christian community

Tigery Language School is the place to immerse yourself in the French language and the community life of the Christian community living there. It is a place where your language learning experience goes hand in hand with a spiritual and community life experience. The language school takes place close to Paris, in Tigery.

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2 and a half months
(From October to mid-December)

(45 minutes from the center of Paris)

Participants :
-young people between 18 and 30 years old
-Christians of all denominations
-about 10 to 20 people

House of the Chemin Neuf
About 20 brothers and sisters
of the community live there

The financial participation
required is a price range that depends on your country of origin

Application : interview with a
brother or a sister of the
community and application
form to fill out

The course is open to beginners and basic users

The three pillars of the language school are :

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French language


Community life

Method for learning French

The language school allows participants to immerse themselves in the French language for the duration of the programme. Participants practice French during lessons, in their free time, during prayer times, and in shared moments such as meals. During the French lessons, we work on written skills though we particularly focus on oral communication.Students are encouraged to take an active part in the lessons.

Daily life at Tigery Language School

A group of friends at a coffee shop


Services in the house
Meals in community

Eiffel Tower at Paris, France


Conversation class
Personal work
Desert day (prayer, silence)
Spiritual accompaniment
Worship evening

Sharing time
Social evening

Special weeks during the semester

During the semester, the participants have two weeks outside Tigery :

1) One week of spiritual courses in Hautecombe abbey. This week is shared with Hautecombe Discipleship School
2) One week of Saint Ignatius Retreat (also shared with Hautecombe Discipleship School).

Week of training about the Life in the Holy Spirit

Week of Retreat

What can you do after Tigery Language School ?